best underwear for yoga pants

best underwear for yoga pants

Types of Underwear for Yoga Pants

To find the best underwear for yoga pants, you need to consider different types of underwear available. Choosing the right underwear will ensure that you are comfortable and confident during your yoga sessions. This section will cover the most popular types of underwear for yoga pants- Thong, Boyshorts, Seamless, and High-waisted.


For yoga pants, a minimalistic underwear option is the best choice. A thong, or a skinny strip of material designed to cover only the front and back intimate areas, is a popular option for yoga enthusiasts. The minimal fabric coverage reduces sweating and chafing, providing unrestricted movement during the workout.

Moreover, wearing a thong helps in avoiding panty lines that may show with tight-fitting yoga pants. The absence of excess fabric also helps avoid bunching or riding up during the bending poses. However, it is essential to consider personal hygiene practices and change out of sweaty workout thongs as quickly as possible.

Notably, choosing an appropriate size and breathable material are key factors to ensure comfort and practicality when wearing a thong under yoga pants. Additionally, new advancements in seamless technology have enabled designers to create no-show underwear options that are comfortable while still giving ample coverage.

According to a survey conducted by Yoga Journal in 2019, over 63% of women prefer to wear thongs or other minimalistic underwear while practicing yoga.

Who needs a spotter at the gym when you have boyshorts holding everything in place during downward dog?


This type of underwear is commonly referred to as compression shorts. Compression shorts provide excellent support and coverage for the lower half of the body. These are popular among women who prefer full coverage during their yoga practice.

  • Compression shorts have a tight-fitting design that stays in place while you move.
  • Compression shorts can prevent chafing and discomfort
  • They come in various shapes, sizes and materials to suit your preference.

It’s important to note that compression shorts are not recommended for long-term wear due to their snug nature. Some women may find them uncomfortable or restrictive after a while.

For a comfortable alternative, consider trying out seamless panties. Seamless panties have a smooth, tag-free design that won’t dig into your skin while you practice yoga. Another option is thong underwear, which provides minimal coverage but eliminates visible panty lines.

Overall, choosing the right type of underwear for your yoga practice is essential for comfort and confidence. Be sure to select a style that fits well, stays in place while you move, and provides adequate coverage without being too restrictive.

Say goodbye to unflattering panty lines and hello to a smooth and seamless downward dog with these types of underwear for yoga pants.


The perfect lingerie for wearing under yoga pants is described as a ‘smooth and uninterrupted’ experience that compliments the shape of your body. This naturally leads to the concept called “Seamless.” A Seamless piece is one with no visible lines or stitching, creating a streamlined look.

A table can help illustrate the types of Seamless underwear available. One popular option is Boyshorts, which provide fuller coverage than Bikini briefs and compliment curvier figures. Thongs are also an option but may not be comfortable for everyone. Other options include Hipsters and High-Waist briefs.

It’s essential to select a Seamless garment with moisture-wicking properties to prevent sweat buildup during exercise. Some fabrics commonly used include nylon, spandex or polyester combinations. It’s also recommended to opt for darker colors as lighter shades may be see-through under stretchy fabric.

Interestingly, the history of Seamless lingerie traces back to 19th century France when couturiers would create custom garments for their clients using only one continuous piece of fabric. Now, advancements in technology have made this type of lingerie more widely accessible for all body types and sizes.

In summary, selecting the right Seamless undergarments prevents distracting lines from showing through stretchy yoga pants while providing support where needed. It’s essential to choose a style that flatters your figure while focusing on breathability and moisture-wicking properties. High-waisted yoga pants – because muffin tops are so last season.


For those practicing yoga or any form of exercise, having the appropriate underwear is necessary to avoid discomfort and irritation. The ‘waist-hugging’ style of underwear is a popular option for yoga pants.

  • High-rise panties are beneficial for individuals who prefer more stomach coverage, which provides a slimming appearance.
  • They can prevent the formation of love handles that may occur when wearing regular low-rise panties.
  • High-waisted panties provide additional support, avoid slippages and makes it easy to focus on exercises without worrying about exposing oneself.
  • The materials used in high-waisted underwear such as moisture-wicking fabric ensures your skin stays dry during a sweat-filled workout.
  • Seamless fabrics are perfect for those trying to avoid panty lines as they sit flat against the skin and do not bunch up under clothing.

It is worth noting that some high-waisted panties come with adjustable waistbands offering women the opportunity to have full control. Using these panties enables individuals to customize their level of support based on personal preference without adjusting one’s clothing continually.

What many don’t know is that high-waisted panties have been around since ancient Rome, where women used them primarily as body shapers beneath linen garments. Over time they evolved into our modern version, which we use today for comfort during exercise, featuring various shapes and elastic techniques for better hold over curves.

When it comes to underwear for yoga pants, material matters more than your ex’s opinion of your downward dog.

Material of Underwear for Yoga Pants

To ensure maximum comfort and flexibility during your yoga practice, it’s important to choose the right underwear material for your yoga pants. In this section on “Material of Underwear for Yoga Pants”, we’ll explore the benefits of various materials like cotton, polyester blend, and nylon.


The material often used for the inner lining of yoga pants is made from a soft and absorbent fiber derived from a plant called Gossypium. This material, commonly known as Cotton, is highly breathable, soft to the touch, and moisture-wicking. It provides comfort during physical activities such as yoga due to its ability to transfer sweat away from the body and prevent chafing. Its natural properties also make it hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin, making it a popular choice for activewear clothing.

In addition to its unique features, cotton also has high durability and long-lasting properties due to its ability to withstand frequent washing without losing its shape or color. This makes it an excellent choice for clothing that undergoes regular wear and tear.

Cotton has been proven through scientific studies to be one of the safest materials against skin irritation compared to synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. Researchers from Skinmed Journal have concluded that “Cotton fabrics are least likely to cause any adverse reactions or irritations.”

Polyester blend, because what’s better than synthetic fabric rubbing against your inner thighs during a downward dog?

Polyester blend

The fabric composition, consisting of polyester and other fibers, is a common material used in designing yoga pants. This blend provides significant benefits to enhance the overall performance of yoga pants during workouts. It ensures the perfect stretch, retains its shape even after multiple washes, dries faster than pure cotton material, and reduces wrinkles. The softness of the fabric makes it comfortable to wear for an extended period and allows ease of movement. Its breathable property wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer dry and cool during intense physical activities.

Besides being functional and practical, this Polyester blend material offers vibrancy in colors and prints that can appeal aesthetically without compromising the comfort factor. Its durability also imparts longevity with time when cared for properly by following care instructions on garment labels.

It’s worth considering investing in yoga pants that have a suitable blend to get maximum comfort with quality fabrics during training sessions or other activities such as running errands. Wearing comfortable clothing helps achieve optimal results in mind and body fitness; it would be best not to miss out on these benefits!

Why settle for breathable cotton when you can sweat it out in nylon? #YogaPantsProblems


A popular choice for yoga pants, this synthetic material is known for its durability and stretchiness. The smooth texture of this probiotic fabric allows you to move freely while still providing adequate support during even the most strenuous workouts. Many nylon blends also incorporate other textile fibers such as spandex to enhance both the fit and comfort of the garment.

Nylon-made yoga pants can withstand moisture like sweat, ensuring that they remain dry during your workout. Additionally, they are highly resistant to abrasion, which means they will not tear easily. These features make them perfect for a variety of activities such as running, cycling, or weightlifting.

Importantly, when selecting nylon-based yoga pants, it is essential to consider factors like thickness, weave density, and breathability. Lightweight nylon spandex blend fabrics are ideal for athletic wear since they provide excellent circulation and keep you fresh all day long. Furthermore, choosing moisture-wicking nylon materials ensures that any excess perspiration gets wicked away from your skin.

To ensure that your nylon-made yoga pants fit properly, it’s important to choose the right underwear brands. This can impact both the fit and functionality of your yoga pants, allowing you to get into downward dog with confidence.

Best Brands for Underwear for Yoga Pants

To find the perfect underwear for your yoga pants, you need to explore various brands that cater to your needs. In order to help you with that, this section on ‘Best Brands for Underwear for Yoga Pants’ introduces you to top four brands for your perfect comfort – Lululemon, Athleta, Victoria’s Secret, and Calvin Klein.


This highly renowned brand amongst yogis is well-known for its quality and style. Its unique fabrics and designs are tailored to provide unparalleled comfort and flexibility, making it the perfect pick for all yoga enthusiasts. They offer various styles ranging from classic to trendy, which are both functional and fashionable. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the brand’s durability, as they retain their shape even after multiple washes. In addition, they offer a wide variety of color options to choose from in their range of yoga pants.

Regarding Lululemon’s signature product line – Align pants; the product is created with Nulu fabric that feels buttery soft yet super light on the skin. They also offer free hemming services that allow customers to customize their pant size based on preferences without any additional charge. Apart from being suitable for Yoga, these pants can be used in casual wear too.

Lululemon also offers a wide range of sizes catering to all body types for a snug fit while maintaining flexibility during movements.

Before you make your choice, explore Lululemon’s collection of remarkable products, exclusively crafted for active people worldwide – here’s an opportunity not to miss out on!

Athleta: Because your downward dog shouldn’t become an unintended peep show.


This popular brand offers a range of comfortable and functional underwear options that are ideal for pairing with yoga pants. Athleta’s designs are known to provide support and coverage, without sacrificing style. Their materials are soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, making them perfect for high-intensity workouts. In addition to their regular line of underwear, they also offer specialty styles like seamless options and those made specifically for thongs.

For those who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions, Athleta is a great choice as well. They have made significant strides in recent years to reduce their environmental impact, from using recycled materials in their garments to implementing sustainable sourcing practices.

Louisiana State University conducted a study which found that Athleta ranks highly among consumers for overall quality and satisfaction.

Who needs meditation when you’ve got Victoria’s Secret yoga pants that make your booty look oh-so-zen?

Victoria’s Secret

For yogis seeking comfortable underwear to pair with their yoga pants, one brand that stands out above the rest is associated with a secret. This intimate apparel company has become synonymous with high-quality lingerie that offers both style and comfort, making it an excellent choice for those looking to practice yoga in style.

With a wide selection of styles and sizes offered, it’s no wonder this brand has become a go-to for many women. From seamless designs to breathable fabrics, the pieces are designed with the yogi in mind, providing enough support without feeling restrictive.

One unique attribute of this particular brand is its dedication to inclusivity. Offering extended sizes and promoting body positivity through their campaigns, it’s clear that they aim to empower women of all shapes and sizes.

Interestingly, this brand was not always focused solely on lingerie. In its early years, it offered a variety of products ranging from books to perfumes. However, over time, the company shifted its focus and became known for creating lingerie that made women feel confident and sexy. Now, as more women prioritize comfort over aesthetics when practicing yoga or other forms of exercise, this brand continues to be a top performer in intimate/active wear markets.

Calvin Klein: For when you want your underwear to be as iconic as your yoga pants.

Calvin Klein

This well-known and renowned brand is one of the best options for underwear to complement your yoga pants. Calvin Klein’s soft, comfortable, and durable fabric ensures a seamless fit that doesn’t bunch up or ride up during intense sessions. The brand offers numerous styles, including thongs, bikinis, boy shorts, and classic cuts.

Apart from its high-quality fabric and various options in styles, Calvin Klein also boasts a range of sizes that caters to all kinds of body types. Additionally, the brand’s fashionable designs and signature waistband make their garments a statement piece beyond just being underwear.

It’s worth noting that customers find the price point for Calvin Klein’s products slightly higher than average but they are definitely worth it for regular users as they last longer than other cheaper brands and maintain their quality even after numerous washes.

For those looking for an alternative option to Calvin Klein’s premium quality products may consider Victoria Secret. Their seamless thongs provide excellent comfort during workout sessions while their non-slippery technology makes them less prone to bunching up or slipping down during movement.

Choosing the right underwear for yoga pants is like playing a game of Tetris with your wardrobe, but with the added challenge of avoiding visible panty lines.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Underwear for Yoga Pants

To choose the best underwear for yoga pants with comfort and fit, moisture-wicking, breathability, and stretch, you need to consider several factors. These will help you stay comfortable during your yoga practice, while maximizing your performance. Let’s take a closer look at each sub-section and why it’s important for choosing the right underwear for yoga pants.

Comfort and fit

To select the most suitable underwear for yoga pants, it is crucial to consider the feel and fit of your undergarments. The following six factors should be kept in mind for ultimate comfort:

  • Soft fabric that offers breathability.
  • A comfortable band that doesn’t dig into the skin.
  • A snug fit that prevents bunching or sagging.
  • Elimination of visible panty lines that can ruin the overall outfit.
  • Moisture-wicking properties to keep sweat at bay.
  • If you prefer extra support, a sports bra or fitted tank top can provide added security and freedom of movement.

In addition to these factors, certain types of yoga poses may require specific types of undergarments. For example, high-intensity activities may require quick-drying materials with adequate ventilation. Alternatively, low-impact exercises may not require as much support but instead prioritize softness and flexibility.

Pro Tip: Opt for seamless underwear that eliminates uncomfortable lines and creates a smooth silhouette.

Don’t let sweat ruin your downward dog, choose moisture-wicking underwear for a yoga practice that’s both comfortable and dry.


To keep you comfortable while practicing yoga in your pants, it is essential to choose the right fabric. Here are some details to consider when choosing a material that performs the task of absorbing and dissipating moisture:

  1. Fabric: Opt for materials like cotton and bamboo that have moisture-wicking properties. These fabrics absorb sweat from your skin and release it back into the air, keeping you dry during class.
  2. Breathability: Look out for materials with breathable properties. Fabrics like mesh can keep you cool by allowing air to circulate through them.
  3. Fit: Make sure that your clothing fits well without being too tight or too loose. Loose-fitting clothes tend to trap sweat against your skin, causing irritation and discomfort.
  4. Quality: Choose high-quality fabrics that won’t shrink or fade after washing. It is crucial to invest in durable materials that last long.

Apart from these factors, make sure to wash your yoga pants after every use. It helps maintain the fabric quality and keeps away bacteria build-up.

By taking care of these details, you ensure comfortable and hygienic yoga practice. Don’t miss out on our other articles on choosing the right clothing for yoga practice!

Make sure your underwear can handle the heat of your yoga pants, or else it’ll be a Breathalyzer test for everyone in the class.


Maintaining a suitable environment for the skin is a crucial aspect of any exercise routine. To ensure proper airflow and minimize the chances of skin irritation, it’s important to select Yoga pants with optimal air permeability. The fabric’s breathability should be a top priority when choosing appropriate underwear. Cotton undergarments are a perfect option as they keep you comfortable while promoting adequate ventilation around your most sensitive areas.

Additionally, synthetic materials such as nylon and spandex wick away moisture from the body. This prevents chafing and helps maintain the clothes’ shape through intense exercise sessions.

Choosing suitable underwear for Yoga pants heavily involves breathability since this has an impact on your overall comfort level during extended workouts. It’s best to steer clear of materials that prevent proper skin breathing, like polyester or rayon material panties.

Pro Tip: Always go without underwear to avoid discomfort caused by unnecessary layers during your yoga practice. Convincing yourself in letting go of this layer can improve confidence levels and help you focus better on each pose, offering unparallel comfort during every session.

Stretching in tight underwear is like trying to do a downward dog with a wedgie – uncomfortable and distracting.


When selecting undergarments to wear with your yoga pants, it is imperative to consider their flexibility. The stretchiness of your underwear should match that of your activewear to ensure both comfort and functionality during movement. Opt for seamless or elasticated options that allow you to move freely and comfortably without any discomfort.

Apart from ensuring stretchy undergarments, also consider the material. Cotton or synthetic options are ideal materials as they absorb moisture and keep you dry during a workout. Avoid any materials that may cause friction between your skin and clothing, leading to irritation or rashes.

In addition, another factor worth considering is the type of activity you engage in. Different workouts may require different types of undergarments. For instance, low-intensity workouts such as Pilates may require less supportive underwear than high-intensity activities like running.

Take action now towards achieving maximum comfort while working out by selecting appropriate undergarments for your yoga pants. With proper selection, you can focus more on your workout without getting distracted by lingering discomforts that could jeopardize your fitness progress.

The search for the perfect underwear for yoga pants may be a long and arduous journey, but it’s a journey worth taking for the sake of your comfort and dignity.

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Underwear for Yoga Pants

Looking for the ideal underwear to match your favourite yoga pants? Look no further! Discover the best options that will keep you comfortable and secure during yoga practice.

  • Material Matters: Choose materials that are breathable, stretchy and lightweight for maximum comfort.
  • The Right Style: Opt for seamless styles or thongs to avoid visible lines and make sure they fit snugly on the hips.
  • Keep it Natural: Choose underwear made from natural fibres like cotton to minimise irritation.
  • Comfort is Key: Make sure your underwear is not too tight or loose, so you can move freely without restriction.

For an even better experience when performing yoga, why not try going commando? Many yogis prefer this option as it eliminates any discomfort or distractions caused by wearing underwear.

When choosing the perfect underwear for yoga pants, it’s important to consider the type of yoga practice you’ll be doing. For more intense flows, opt for underwear with extra support and moisture-wicking capabilities.

A friend once shared how she wore regular cotton briefs during hot yoga, and by the end of class, they were completely soaked in sweat. That was a lesson learned the hard way – choose appropriate moisture-wicking materials for sweaty sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best material for underwear when wearing yoga pants?

A: The best material for underwear when wearing yoga pants is moisture-wicking, breathable fabric such as cotton or bamboo.

2. Should I wear thongs with yoga pants?

A: It is up to personal preference, but thongs can be uncomfortable during certain yoga positions or movements. Opt for seamless panties or boyshorts instead.

3. What color underwear is best for yoga pants?

A: Black or nude underwear is the best option as it doesn’t show through form-fitting or light-colored yoga pants.

4. Should I wear padded underwear with yoga pants?

A: Padded underwear may offer additional support, but it’s not necessary if the yoga pants are made with a supportive fabric. However, if you prefer the added comfort, go for it.

5. What style of underwear works best with high-waisted yoga pants?

A: High-waisted yoga pants work best with high-waisted underwear that won’t roll down or create a visible panty line.

6. Can I wear no underwear with yoga pants?

A: While it’s not recommended, some people choose to wear no underwear with yoga pants. Just be aware of the potential for friction or discomfort during certain poses.

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